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Turn insight into action

Leverage first party data, anchored in direct customer relationships. We see customer activities for nearly 900M consumers monthly across search, mail, commerce, content and more to give you a complete view of your audience.

Diverse first-party data signals

We leverage over 200b daily cross-screen data signals from search, mail, commerce, content and more.

Flexible audience targeting features

Advertisers can leverage pre-built audience segments or create custom segments with our DSP.

Comprehensive measurement tools

Our measurement solutions help brands understand customers across multiple touchpoints, from store visits to in-app conversions.

Better performance


higher average conversion rate from campaigns using Yahoo Ad Tech data vs 3rd party segments

Source: Internal data

Lower costs


lower CPCs on mobile from campaigns using Yahoo Ad Tech data vs 3rd party segments

Source: Internal data

Scale & accuracy


US millennial reach on mobile (that’s more than Snap and Twitter).

Source: Internal data

Solving for a cookieless future

Yahoo Ad Tech ConnectID is a unified identity solution that draws on data from millions of opted-in users across our global portfolio of O&O media properties. All signals aggregated are entirely consent-based, creating a value exchange that drives deeper, more sustainable relationships with consumers.

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What Does The Future Hold For First-Party Data Activation?

As individuals and businesses rapidly shift to online and in-app tools to stay connected during the pandemic, concerns about data privacy have magnified. Here are four recommendations to help brands adopt data practices that meet the changing expectations of their consumers.

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