LINE is the largest communication and messaging app in Japan

LINE is more than just a messaging app. It's a platform that offers a variety of services that are closely connected to daily life, including news, mobile payments, music, games, shopping, and investments.
LINE has over 96 million monthly active users in Japan (*1), and about 80% of the Japanese population use it at least once a month (*2).

LINE Ads campaign management services

We help global companies and their ad agencies run and manage ads on the LINE service. Whether you are a company that is already running ads in Japan or you are interested in entering the Japanese market for the first time, our team can provide the support you need.


Marketing solutions for reaching Japanese consumers from abroad

We have a long history of success in helping advertisers in a wide variety of industries, including top global Fortune 500 companies.

Dedicated account management from Japan and the US

Our team of bilingual experts who are well-versed in the Japanese market and trends, will provide you with high-quality support to ensure the success of your campaign.

Scale your business with our scalable solutions

We help global companies grow their business in the Japanese market by using the latest technology, such as AI (machine learning and deep learning). We do this by working closely with our engineering team in Silicon Valley.

Unparalleled media power

Unmatched reach

LINE has 96 million users (*1), accounting for about 80% of the total population of Japan. (*2)

Highly active user base

Over 60% of users in all age groups, regardless of gender, say they use LINE every day. This is especially true for women aged 20-24, 25-29, and 35-39, where over 90% of users say they use LINE every day.

Reach a wide audience

LINE is heavily used by a wide range of people on a daily basis, regardless of gender, age, or occupation. This makes it possible to reach users with a wide range of attributes.

Leverage rich data

LINE Ads lets you target your ads with high precision. You can target based on user attributes, such as their registered gender and age, as well as predicted interests based on their behavioral history.


LINE Ads (Guaranteed)

A platform that can reach over 80% of the Japanese population

LINE Ads can be displayed as static images or videos at the top of the LINE message list, providing an explosive daily reach that is one of the largest in Japan.

LINE Ads (Auction)

Reach an unparalleled number of users through various distribution channels

Reach 96 million domestic users who use the LINE app with your ads.(*3) Reach a wide range of age groups with large ad distribution potential.

*1 - LY Corporation, LINE app monthly active users as of the end of September 2023
*2 - Calculated by dividing 96 million domestic monthly active LINE users by 124,511,000, the estimated total population of Japan (as of June 1, 2023 [Definitive figure], Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).
*3 - Monthly active LINE users as of September 2023.

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